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Lockdown tribe meditation. The end is close


The community is growing 🌈. The need for being more conscious and confident about what is actually is going deep inside of ourselves is more important, than ever. I am glad I can confidently say after running this event on regular basis I feel more present. It's not rocket science.


There three main factors which creating more space within you for being more “productive” and “resourceful”. 

a). Focused attention. Learn to stay focused and ignore distractions, let them go when they arise.

b). Open awareness. Being open to the wonders of your mind. Being present and let it talk to you, guide you to the world of new sensations. As well as not being attached to the outcome.

c). Kind intention. Stay compassionate and with a sense of self-care, rather than pleasing anyone. You can't lie and escape what matters to you the most. 

Why group sessions? The pace of the last person is the pace of the group. As a group, we create a third mind that takes to the level where all of us get together by the end of the session.


In this online, we explore OSHO Heart Meditation. It has four stages for 1h.

  1. The first 5 min stage of warm-up - getting back into your body. No clear instructions - you need to stretch, jump, shake or anything that will centre and grounding.

  2. We visualise the reality of being on our own. We can't seek help, support, connect with other being/s. It's like spending the whole lockdown on your own. Dive again into the worse days you have experienced during last year.

  3. We visualise the reality where you are part of the tribe or a big fat family. How big is the tribe depending on your creativity and ability to recall people you know. The key here is to make a peace with everyone. Not by pretending you are cool with a being next to you, but deliver that feeling from your heart.

    • I can share with you my experience.

      1. In the beginning, there is always somebody who will drag you to the negative experience you had in the past. Make a deal with them. Make love. Dance together. Give a second chance to resolve the issue.

      2. By the end of the “heart workout” as a tribe, we will get to the place of total unity with our bodies and hearts.

  4. Silence. The moment you absorb what just happened. Make a new friend, make love, get know better the one next to you, but trust in your hands and heart.


In wider experience, the Active Meditation where you dance, sing, scream, jump, release anger and dance. Can you imagine if can do it together? We can get out of the lockdown with a big smile on our face and not get even more shock.

So, every TUESDAY at 7 pm GMT for 1h, see you here.  Till the end of the lockdown 12 April

What is active mediation you can read here .